HGS Interactive is powered by Agency-X, the
partnership solution that enables agencies and digital marketing teams to dream big.

Through Agency-X, marketing teams and agencies can expand capability and drive growth with a range of flexible marketing solutions. By leveraging our extensive global presence and operational scale, as well as our deep expertise in digital marketing solutions, Agency-X helps clients reach their full potential with ideas and solutions to grow client revenue.

We are built on a foundation of customer experience and digital transformation, ensuring that your brand is always at the forefront of digital innovation. With our unrivaled expertise in content culturalization, we can ensure that your message resonates with audiences around the globe no matter where you are located. As an Agency-X partner, you'll have access to a pool of digital specialists who can help you develop measurable strategies and campaigns.

Get the power of Agency-X's flexible marketing solutions and discover the world of possibilities.

Agency & Marketing Team Support Services

Digital Empowerment

Digital Marketing

Execution of growth & performance marketing programs and campaigns

  • Digital Strategy & Planning
  • B2B / B2C Campaigns
  • Search: SEO/SEM/PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Display & Programmatic Media
  • Lead Gen & Nurture Marketing
  • Retargeting / Remarketing
  • MarTech: CRM / CMS / Analytics
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Marketing Automation & AI

Digital Branding

Creative production of digital assets and branded customer experiences

  • Websites & eCommerce
  • Mobile Apps & Experiences
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • CX / UX / UI Design
  • Content Development
  • Digital & Social Advertising Design
  • Creative Design & Video Production
  • Digital & Rich Media Advertising
  • AI Apps & Chatbots

Social Relationships

Social Customer Experiences

Activation of social media programs to build brands, increase sales, drive website traffic and improve customer relationships

  • Social Engagement Strategy
  • Social Media Content Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Listening & Reporting
  • Social Campaigns
  • Influencer Programs

Social Customer Engagement

Managing customer engagement and care solutions to improve customer relationships and brand interactions

  • Social Media Moderation
  • Community & Response Management
  • Process Strategy & Consulting
  • Online Customer Care Enablement
  • Crisis & Reputation Management
  • AI Enabled Technology & Services
  • Automation, Feedback & Surveys

Digital Empowerment

Social Relationships

Case Studies

Our Clients


Well, a lot really! HGS Interactive's global presence, extensive expertise, flagship offerings, industry recognitions, and partnerships equip us to handle diverse challenges and deliver impactful results for our clients. With HGS Interactive at your side, there's not much you can't do to grow your business.

Here are some unique advantages of working with HGS Interactive:

  • Global Reach, Scale, and Operations: With offices in 20 cities across 12 countries, our reach is truly global. We operate 24/7/365 digital marketing capabilities across 20 languages, allowing us to cater to brands around the globe.
  • Broad Digital and Social Media Expertise: We harness the power of our global network of over 500 experts across all aspects of digital transformation, including business strategy, process engineering, analytics, data, automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital marketing. This diverse expertise enables us to offer comprehensive solutions to empower marketing teams and deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX), and customer engagement (CE).
  • Our Recognitions and Partnerships: We have consistently been recognized for our excellence in AI, Cloud Computing, Social Media Leadership, Strategic Partnerships, Innovation, and Customer Engagement (CE). We are also part of the partner ecosystem of several providers of digital services, such as Adobe, Facebook, Sprinklr, Twilio, Azure, AWS, Khoros, Google Cloud, Content Stack, Oracle, and others. These partnerships enable us to leverage industry-leading technologies and platforms to deliver the best possible results for our clients.
  • Experience with Prominent Brands: Our experience working with some of the world's largest brands has given us valuable insights and expertise. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their growth objectives by providing access to cutting-edge digital innovation, strategic marketing capabilities, and world-class social customer relationship management solutions.

Powered by our flagship offerings of Agency-X and E(squared), HGS Interactive harnesses the power of a global network of experts across business strategy, process engineering, analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital marketing to enhance the capabilities of marketing teams in the delivery of exceptional customer experiences (CX) and engagement (CE).

Through our global experience in transforming digital and social customer experiences, we support marketing teams and agencies to grow, scale, and bring ideas to life by partnering with them to provide digital services like website development, eCommerce, omnichannel marketing, content production, content translation & culturalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), marketing automation, lead generation, Relationship Marketing (CRM/RM), trade, loyalty, rewards, & promotional programs, conversion rate optimization, digital & social analytics, staff augmentation, technology outsourcing, Customer Experience (CX), Social Customer Care, Customer Engagement (CE), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

HGS Interactive™ collaborates with agencies to help them increase profitability, expand marketing capabilities, and maintain focus on critical tasks. With our Agency-X offering, we provide strategic and technical guidance to turn ideas into reality. We understand that executing new services can be costly and time-consuming, which is why we partner with agencies to mitigate risks. Our goal is to empower agencies to add new capabilities, enhance expertise, and focus on larger objectives without taking on unnecessary risks.

Contact Agency-X powered by HGS Interactive to turn your vision into reality and prioritize your execution needs.

Agency-X is a collaborative partner solution that help agencies elevate their marketing efforts. We provide integrated marketing capabilities and social engagement solutions, enabling you to scale and think big. Our services include website development, eCommerce, omnichannel marketing, content production, AI, marketing automation, lead generation, CRM/RM, loyalty programs, analytics, staff augmentation, and more.

Maximize your marketing power with Agency-X. Whether you need to enhance your social media expertise, expand your agency's services, offer enhanced solutions to your clients or seek guidance on emerging marketing platforms like TikTok, Agency-X is here to help you grow and scale profitably. With our global experience in transforming digital and social customer experiences, we are ready to tackle any challenge you face.

The power of Agency-X lies in its global network of digital transformation and social engagement experts, enabling brands, agencies, and marketing teams to offer new services, navigate emerging platforms, scale capabilities, and achieve remarkable results. We are not just an agency but the agency for agencies and marketing teams, empowering them to dream big with our proprietary partnership solutions and global expertise in digital, social, and customer relationship marketing.

Whether you're an agency or a brand, we protect your profitability and give you control over your relationships. Agency-X is designed to help you grow in any direction whenever you're ready!

The costs associated with working with Agency-X vary depending on the specific services needed. As a navigational guide, we aim to balance a client's goals, ROI, and motivation. We are committed to providing clients with the best possible value for their investment.

The commitment required to work with Agency-X varies depending on the specific services needed. In some cases, there are milestones for project-based work, and in others, it makes sense to implement multiannual agreements to accomplish the goals. Whatever the case may be, we work closely with our clients to develop plans that meet their expectations.

Agency-X helps your agency grow by addressing common challenges such as limited in-house resources, lack of skills or experience, overwhelming workloads, and inconsistent content production. With our all-in-one agency partner solution, you can offer new services, staff efficiently, and increase client revenue.

We fill the gaps in your business through outsourcing and digital marketing services, allowing you to confidently take on any project. By partnering with Agency-X, you can focus on business development, strategy, and creativity while we handle routine content production and time-consuming tasks.

Revolutionize your agency's growth with flexible solutions to agency challenges. Find out more.

Don't settle for slow turnaround times and high fees from your current agency. Agency-X can help you meet your marketing needs efficiently and affordably. Our experienced team delivers high-quality work on time, providing lightning-fast service to keep you ahead of the curve. We act as an extension of your existing agencies or in-house capabilities, offering new services and expertise. With Agency-X, you save valuable marketing dollars by focusing on activation instead of underutilized disciplines and excessive agency overhead. Our global infrastructure enables us to offer compelling rates and quick response times. Bring your best ideas to life and tackle digital marketing challenges with specialized expertise from Agency-X.

We can help you scale a capability, generate a lot of content quickly, or translate with culturalization, assist with marketing capabilities that aren't within your organization's reach, develop content, create websites, create omnichannel strategies and track social advertising campaigns.

Are you tired of saying "no" to client requests because you don’t have the talent or time to execute them, or struggling to actualize your most innovative ideas? Is your agency struggling to keep up with the latest platforms, trends and technologies? "No" to a client's needs can hurt your agency's reputation and cause you to lose business. Sticking to the same old strategies just won't cut it anymore. And in today's ever-changing landscape, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve and the competition - we don't want you to fall behind.

Agency-X partners with agencies and marketing teams to expand their offerings and resources. Working together, we can deliver on the biggest ideas and most ambitious timelines. Partner with Agency-X and let’s co-build the future of marketing.

Of course! We have deep experience in UX/CX cloud solutions and the creation of technical solutions across digital channels, including omnichannel retail and expertise in marketing automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Our experience doesn’t stop there. We can also help you execute a wide range of marketing programs and media campaign initiatives like performance marketing, SEO / SEM, promotional marketing, and remarketing initiatives from digital strategy and planning through execution, performance analysis, and analytics. We are an excellent choice for brands looking to execute digital marketing, production, and social engagement initiatives.

E(squared) is HGS Agency-X's social relationship solution designed to elevate engagement throughout the path to purchase, strengthening customer relationships and increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Today, having a thriving social relationship with customers is critical to healthy brands. These relationships are built on the sum of all the experiences and interactions they have with your brand-their Customer Experience & Engagement. That's why we built E(squared) as a way to unlock the exponential power that customer relationships have in growing CLV, fostering strong branded social relationships with our cutting-edge social relationship platform that integrates with your tools.

E(squared) is the formula that unlocks the true potential of your brand's social interactions to elevate your brand's customer relationships to unparalleled levels. By championing every customer who takes a moment to engage with your brand, E(squared) helps build brands and create impactful moments. Read more

We believe that every moment with a customer is an opportunity to build or strengthen a relationship. If you want to create engaging, informative, and relevant digital experiences that keep customers coming back for more, E(squared) powered by Agency-X is the solution for you.

Our focus on data-informed insights enables us to create customer-appreciated experiences that increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). If you are looking to improve brand relationships, increase the CLV of your social customers, engage a wider audience on social media, elevate your clients' social engagement, generate incremental sales, improve customer relationships, or mitigate negative publicity and sentiment, E(squared) is the perfect solution. Learn more

Absolutely! These are the areas we excel. Our solutions are meant to scale and easily be shared across all the brands in your purview allowing the same quality of services, no matter the size or budget limitations of smaller brands under your umbrella.

Do you struggle implementing the latest digital marketing trends and technologies through your existing agencies? Are you concerned about rising advertising costs and their impact on your total profitability? Are you frustrated with the lack of ROI from marketing efforts? Do you need an agency that understands marketing to portfolios of brands? Agency-X can help you identify areas where you can improve consistency, streamline efforts, and generate results with the essential tools and strategies you will need to see growth and return on your investments.

We understand the unique challenges that franchise companies face with marketing and can help you create strategies to succeed across all your businesses’ marketing efforts. E(squared) is HGS Agency-X’s solution for increasing engagement by improving the measured data points along the path to purchase and strengthening the customer relationships that grow Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).