Hackathon 2016 took place on the 13th of October with our US team joining us in our Vashi office. The basic idea was to have some fun and build something viable from scratch in a short time frame on Slack, an instant messaging system. Participants were to work on Slack as the central piece and proceed through 2 rounds of judging! They were divided into six teams and could create anything from web apps, mobile apps, wearable solutions with visual mock-ups and present a live demo. The teams joined forces to build working prototypes and were judged on the following parameters -10% Creativity, 30% Innovation, 30% Usability and 30% Collaboration.

Participants threw together numerous codes and pulled off some awesome scenarios with Slack: a common platform for ticket management wherein a third party can raise a ticket and the internal team can discuss it, reply and close the ticket successfully; at the click of a button, one can generate Avatars of their colleague; talk to them in any language they want using an ingenious language tool; share knowledge with them through a knowledge sharing center; have real time conversations / conferences through video calls which can be recorded and archived for later viewing or review.

The event culminated in a presentation before the judges the next day. The winning idea proposed a Travel buddy app named Wander WIZZ. It focuses on providing localized information to the traveller on demand. The app grabs location of the traveller and throws local information like Weather, Local Emergency Contact, Area Info, Important News Flash (if any). In case of Emergencies/calamities, the app provides rescue information, To-Do lists and contacts/locations. Basically, the App stays with the traveller as a friend throughout his/her journey. The app can also be accessed prior to the trip/visit where it acts as if you are virtually at the location and can access the information.

The participants had a lot of fun sharing their product ideas using technology to transform ideas into reality and the winning team received exciting gift vouchers. The Hackathon proved to be a great place to identify talent, spend time with peers and build significant future relations!


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