Facebook Awards 2016 is all set to recognise and acknowledge talent across all industries and regions.

The Facebook Awards, earlier known as Facebook Studio Awards, celebrate top creative work on Facebook and, for the first time, on Instagram too. They may have removed the word 'Studio' from their name but the objective remains the same: highlighting exceptional creative work on Facebook worldwide. Since businesses these days are relying on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect closely with their audiences, the Awards display how much power

Facebook and Instagram yield. It also showcases that award-winning work does not just impress the audience but also generates business. Agencies and brands that present their entries stand a chance to receive international recognition from great minds in the industry, including members of the Creative Council, and set the standard for marketing excellence on Facebook and Instagram.

Having reviewed more than 2,700 submissions from 160 countries in 2015, Facebook expects continued growth in the years to come. Being inundated with entries from outside the U.S., it is hoping to internationalise the awards, giving an opportunity for more countries to take home the prestigious awards. For the first time ever, the entry and judging process will be entirely done on mobile. The awards will also conduct four regional competitions: North America, Latin

America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific, giving advertisers from each of these markets to receive global recognition and be judged fairly within their own cultural context.

This year will also see a number of changes and addition of four new categories to honour more aspects of creative excellence in the field of marketing. The categories are as follows:

Best Use of Facebook Platforms: Awarded to the most creative, original and well-executed campaigns and digital strategy across Facebook and Instagram that are business-driven.

Innovation: Awarded to campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that keep users engaged in ways that have never been done before.

Facebook for Good: Awarded to campaigns that work for charitable or non-profit causes, creatively raising awareness and bringing about a positive social change using Facebook or Instagram.

Beyond Facebook / Integrated: Awarded to campaigns that use Facebook or Instagram creatively as part of a greater media mix, including the use of print, TV, radio or other mediums.

This year, the awards will also put the spotlight on small businesses which showcase their best digital strategies. With 2.5 million small businesses using Facebook as a vehicle to advertise, this new category of awards will bring to the foreground the creative ways in which these companies are using this platform to help grow their business and achieve amazing results. The cherry on the cake is that the winners of this category will also receive FB Ad Credits.

Last year, the top honours were grabbed by Leo Burnett and Proctor & Gamble. Don't miss this chance to showcase your work. Send in your entries today!


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