Case Study

Digital innovation for India's most inventive paints company

Berger Paints India is India’s 2nd largest paint company with a strong presence across the country through their factories, stores and dealer network. They also have their own painting service called Express Painting and eCommerce presence as well.

The challenge

Consumers paint their homes once in every 4-5 years on average. How does a paints company keep their consumers engaged, sustain brand awareness and recall high till the consumer reconsiders buying their products/services again? All this amidst competition paint companies investing in digital as well, some much more. The challenge hence was to find innovative ways to increase the share of voice, engagement and generate leads at an optimum cost per lead.

Our solution

As part of our end-to-end strategy for Berger Paints India for 7+ years now, our first milestone was being the number one paints company on Twitter. This was achieved with well curated tweets, interactions and engaging competitions. Topical campaigns were planned for every important event/festival that customers resonated with. These campaigns were either interesting competitions like photo-sharing, selfies or personal anecdote sharing opportunities or were video led campaigns to invoke emotions. Our second milestone hence was to beat the number one paints company in terms of brand share of voice. Adapting to changing consumer behavior was key, hence focus shifted on newer platforms like Instagram, wooing the audience via different formats like Stories, Guides, Reels, Shopping Tags and more. A new trend that soon picked up was moment marketing, and creating brand integrations for topical events resulted in an increase in organic reach and features across different publications.


Areas we integrated

Content & Communication Strategy, Creative Content Development, Social Care, Social Media Marketing, Reporting And Analytics

Content & Communication Strategy

It takes a unique communications strategy to get noticed online. Our writing teams work closely with the client to tell the brand story through social copy, unique scripted social engagement responses, content calendars and much more. By identifying the company voice, we were able to produce content that works to bring to life the long-term vision of the company.

Creative Content Development

People are easily bored of seeing similar types of content, hence it is important to keep them engaged and impressed. How a brand portrays itself on social media gives people a first impression overall. Hence we kept it interesting always via cinematography, 360 visuals, 3D posts, carousels with moving elements, full-screen experiences and not to forget GIFs!

Social Media Marketing

Developed strategies for each platform, keeping the latest industry trends in mind. Platforms managed: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Social Care

Resolved critical queries, converted enquiries to leads and created a happiness quotient amongst end consumers.

Reporting & Analytics

Weekly and monthly insights on brand performance and recommended plan of actions.

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