Case Study

Digital transformation for a diversifying Indian manufacturing company shifting from B2B to B2C

The client is a diversified engineering company and a leading manufacturer of Cleantech Powertrain Solutions (CNG, Petrol and Diesel Engines), Generator sets, Farm equipment, E-Mobility, Aftermarket spares and services. They are a multi-product and multi-location company with a rich legacy and brand trust of over 163 years and have established themselves as a key player impacting a billion lives every day.

The challenge

As a transforming company, it is important to keep the investors, stakeholders, dealers and consumers informed about different initiatives, how the company is progressing and what is in store ahead. Most of the activities for this awareness needed to be organic and content-driven. They also required their agency to assist in strategic recommendations for social media pages of senior management.

Our solution

Developing a regular communication strategy, supported by impact-driven visuals, banners, videos and blogs to ensure that the message is received and comprehended by each stakeholder. Our platform-driven messaging with different strategies for each social media platform was crucial in delivering effective solutions.

We used listening tools to get feedback from the end-users and use the insights and information to develop further campaigns. Another important part of our solution was to monitor critical mentions and have action items and fast resolution.

Our overarching strategy helped the client to achieve 100+% organic growth in the community in a span of 1 year, with 40% of website visits coming from social media and 70% increase in positive sentiments.


Areas we integrated

Content and Communication Strategy

Developing a communication strategy that resonates with the brand as well as their target audience, catering to both B2B and B2C audiences and simplifying the company’s transformational journey for their stakeholders to consume in a more easily digestible manner.

Creative Content Development

Enhance the content strategy to produce multiple digital assets in English and regional languages. Assets adapted for the web, social, WhatsApp, email and more. Type of assets: Static, GIFs, Videos, Podcasts and Blogs.

Social Media Marketing

Develop strategies for each platform, keeping the latest industry trends in mind. Platforms managed: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Social Care

Resolve critical queries, convert enquiries to leads and create a happiness quotient amongst end consumers.

Reporting & Analytics

Weekly and monthly insights on brand performance and recommended plan of action.

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