Case Study

Delivering excellent customer engagement for the biggest fantasy sports company

The client is one of the biggest Indian fantasy sports platforms that allows users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi and basketball online.

The challenge

As a growing business, the client sought solutions to streamline customer complaints and concerns so that they can be managed efficiently. As a sports-based platform that sees a lot of user enquiries coming in, the social engagement representatives were required to respond to multiple requests, thereby making it difficult to reply in real-time.

Our solution

We provided a holistic, 360-degree engagement solution, optimizing best practices with a strong team, detailed approach, automation and analytics.

Key results

The customer satisfaction score climbed up to 76% from a mere 5% before. The customers found the consolidated and integrated FAQ extremely helpful. Because of this, the customer service team is currently handling 34% of the queries, which in turn means we are responding sooner and making meaningful conversation. The turnaround time decreased to more than half with the same team size. Swifter responses led to happy customers driving our CSAT score to 84% for the client.


Areas we integrated

Query analysis and prioritization

We facilitated a streamlined mechanism to identify customer priorities and preferences and respond to priority queries first. Only user grievances and complaints landed on the agent dashboard to ensure faster responses.

Faster responses with comprehensive FAQs

We created a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions and responses, taking into consideration the numerous customer query scenarios. Agent training programs were conducted to improve the brand’s engagement levels.

Tracking feedback

We used our comprehensive reporting and analytics to see what the feedback is from customers. We provided customized strategic insights for their social content and communication strategies.

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