Case Study

Improving user experience and resolving issues in real-time

Hotstar is an Indian brand of subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned by Star India and operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, both a division of The Walt Disney Company.

The challenge

The incoming volume of enquiries was very high during live events due to which we were not able to reach out to the users in real-time. Queries and issues were left unanswered or poorly answered which resulted in user dissatisfaction. The quality of responses and CSAT score deteriorated due to this.

Our solution

We identified the most frequently asked questions, thereby guiding users to the FAQ section wherein more than 90% of questions were answered by the FAQs and the rest 10% were taken up by our social care team. This resulted in lower incoming volume, so more attention was paid to complex queries which were not resolved by FAQs. We achieved a 90% resolution rate, which advanced to around a 95% resolution rate in just 3 months. This was achieved through optimizing the FAQs page and analysis done by the team.

Key results

We saw a decrease in consumer queries during live events as desired. High quality of responses and 89% CSAT score, resolution time decreased to 1 hour from 8 hours and response rate increased to 87% which was earlier around 50%.


Areas we integrated

Analyzed the issues and bucketed them

Designed the FAQs page to ensure easy access to the most common issues

Kept a close watch on helpful and not helpful reviews to further improve workflow and access to common issues

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