Case Study

HGS's Global Partnership Provides Exceptional Social Care for a Multinational Fortune 500 CPG Company

When a multinational CPG company needed 24/7/365 support handling consumer questions and complaints on social media, our HGS EPIC™ Social Care team in the UK answered the call.

The Solution

HGS provides 24/7/365 days support answering consumer queries and monitoring social media conversations across the globe with application of HGS EPIC™ Social Care. The team uses a knowledgebase to support customers on social media platforms.

Planning and Execution

The engagement initially started with monitoring US social pages with employees based in the US. But the Consumer Relations director saw the need for 24/7 coverage and expanded the team to be global with the addition of team members in Australia followed by teams in the UK.

The HGS EPIC™ social care team responds to a range of consumer comments including praise, questions, requests and complaints. The team uses a social listening tool to monitor and engage with consumers; and is empowered to initiate replacement vouchers for complaints. The team also provides deep reporting and analytics solutions and services for owned social pages across social media channels.

Key Results

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