We’re thrilled to bring to your attention that our very own Business Head – Sachin Karweer will be featuring in a series of articles in the Leaderspeak section of tvnews4u.com. He will share his wealth of knowledge, experience and anecdotes that he’s accumulated over the years, through these articles.


Through this endeavor, he wants to inspire students and young professionals in media, marketing and advertising fields by having open discussions with them; and in return get inspired by today’s young guns.

The first article in the series is already out and it talks about WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY.  

An excerpt from the article:

I remember the days when marketing meant distributing pamphlets, print ads, TVCs and billboards. Brands had little choice and the struggle was real. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and in today’s digital landscape, if you are at point A as a brand and wish to reach point B, you can do so easily and effectively through digital means, in spite of the massive clutter in traditional marketing and the cacophony of noise in conversations, real and triggered,  in social and digital.”

Read the complete article to know Sachin Karweer’s top ten reasons that your business requires a digital marketing strategy.

If you found it useful and informative, stay tuned for upcoming pieces in the series. If there is something in specific you want to know more about in the field of marketing and advertising, feel free to comment here or tweet to us at @HGSInteractive with the topic and we will try to get Sachin Karweer to write about it!


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