Lead management is one of the key factors leading to the growth of any company and is even more important for the success of small firms.  In order to get your lead management right, we believe that it is imperative to get your marketing automation correct and doing that can take care of most of your problems. It might come as a surprise for some of you to know that a lot of small businesses still rely on manual data entry for their online marketing! The good news, however, is that they are moving towards buying marketing automation software and trying to make the most of lead generation from these programs.

So, we have come up with our own list of things which we think can take your sales to the next level with the help of lead management. The list goes like this:

A/B Testing: This gets the first slot because it is our favourite! With A/B Testing you get to create two different versions of a single display ad and test the results with visitors on your site. This is how it works; every person visiting your website will come across a different version of your landing page and like this you can gauge which version was the most effective! It also gives you a chance to calculate the time spent on the site, your bounce rate, etc.

Email Drip Campaigns: For the uninitiated, a drip campaign are auto responsive messages sent out on a timely basis to a prospective audience who can turn into clients. To do this effectively, you need to first segment your audience to be able to ensure that you are sending out relevant messages. After all this is done and you initiate your campaign, keep a track of your messages and check if they are effective.

Tracking Visitors and Email Opens: This one is another favourite because this actually lets you see a visitor’s activity history so that you can know what pages they visit, what they are downloading, etc. And, you can also keep a track of when they open your emails, how often they open it and if they click on any links from within your email.

Accurate Reporting: Finally, there is more to marketing operation than just keeping track and that involves getting an accurate report on the number of leads, cost per lead, etc. You can also gauge from where most of your leads come from and how can you maximize on it.

There is much more to marketing automation than this, but like we said we are going to keep it short and sweet, so here we are. Hope this was useful to you and let us know your favourite features in the comment box below!


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