If you look at it, every day of our lives we are negotiating for something or the other, isn’t it? Today, the focus is on a different kind of negotiation. We are talking about the more serious ones here, done in the board room and not those with your driver or vegetable vendor!

Yes, we know how important it is to emerge the winner in any negotiation that you may have with your potential partners in whatsoever capacity. And, that is the reason why we want to help you crack some codes of negotiation while in the conference room. The reason we feel it is important to know how to negotiate well is because situations can sometimes easily be turned into full blown offense-defense situations which can end up burning bridges. So, here are a few things you need to know before getting into that meeting:


Eventually, every negotiation will require you to be able to give up something in return of something else. So, we suggest that you be prepared about what you are okay with giving up and what you are not. Even if you sometimes don’t want to, both parties have to compromise. This prior planning can help you save a lot of heartburn and flaring temperatures during the meeting!

Respect the Industry:

The people you meet for work are generally from the same sphere of work and you may need them again. Remember this always, as this will help you salvage any unsavoury situation that may crop up.


A smile works everywhere, even in the boardroom. Smile often, crack some jokes and keep the mood light! This will make everybody relax but don’t fake it for the sake of it. People are often sensitive to reactions and nobody is going to like returning a fake smile!

Look at the Big Picture:

Always think of the larger scheme of things and look at a situation from multiple perspectives to arrive at a win-win situation for all parties involved. Rise above the situation and look at it from beyond a win-lose situation and come up with a conclusion where every party takes away something from the negotiation.


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